This is a setup at Union Grove High School.

Logs for Learning

Logs for Learning is a program started by Core Sawmill to help students understand how lumber is milled from logs.

I talk to local high schools and see if they would like me to come out and demo my sawmill and turn logs into lumber. While doing this at the school I teach and show students about the process.  Upon completion, all milled lumber is then donated to the school for use in projects which continues the learning process.

What makes this program work is I ask parents, local business and members of the community to donate logs for this program.  This keeps the cost down and provides lumber to the school.  If you want to donate logs for this program, listed below is some information about the types of logs and recommended sizes:

  1. The ideal types of logs are: Oak, Cherry Ash, Hickory, Black Walnut or any other hard wood.
  2. The ideal diameter is: 16 inches to 30 inches across.
  3. The ideal length is 6' 6" to 12' 6" ( That way you end up with an even foot board).

Please note: We do not take down trees, please contact your local tree service. Also once the day is selected to do cutting at the school, the logs need to be moved to the school before that date.